Salesforce Training in Anna Nagar

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FITA is amidst the leading institute for Salesforce Training in Anna Nagar. Salesforce is gaining importance due to its business need among companies. At FITA the course are aligned with Salesforce certification guide. We provide both hard copy and soft copy to facilitate our students.

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Salesforce Training in Anna Nagar

Salesforce is considered to expand at an enormous rate in future. Therefore, choosing this as career will be a brilliant idea for those who are in need of climbing up the ladder of career at this point of time. This course can be categorized into three:

App Builder: In this you will be learning how to design the data model, implement and customize the apps which you build in real-time.

Administrator: In this, you will be learning the managing techniques for sales cloud, service cloud application.

Developer: As a developer, you will be building various applications using Visual force & Apex.

Popular Salesforce Certifications

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce App Builder
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Salesforce Developer


Mention some of the benefits of CRM in salesforce.

  • Fast and improvised opportunity for sales
  • Analytical approach for acquisition of customer
  • Automated task for important fields
  • Efficient & enhanced communication

Define Apex.

Apex is object-oriented programming language, which is used by developers in order to extend the platform for salesforce. This can be done by writing business logic in the saleforce platform. Apex is similar to Java, which can be launched through user-initiated events.

List some best practices in Apex.

  • Avoid Hardcoding IDs
  • Bulkify your code
  • Avoid SOQL Queries inside FOR Loops
  • Usage of Limits Apex Methods in order to avoid hitting of Governor Limits

What are the types of relationships present in Salesforce?

  • Master detail relationship
  • Lookup relationship

How can users be differentiated in s salesforce?

This can be done b by the creation of individual profiles in salesforce. The individual profiles defines the different levels in salesforce organization.

List the various types of Salesforce object relations.

  • Master detail
  • Many-to-many
  • One-to-many

In salesforce mention the number of profiles an individual can have?

Only one profile can be accessed under one user and the same profile can be under multiple users.

Mention the types of Reports available in Salesforce.

  • Joined report
  • Tabular report
  • Summary report
  • Matrix report