Ethical Hacking Training in Anna Nagar

Ethical Hacking Training in Anna Nagar

Hacking is one such term, which makes a gloomy effect on us due to its illegal usage. Still there is completely a lot of opportunity with Hacking that is done ethically. FITA provides in-depth knowledge in Ethical Hacking Training in Anna Nagar with placement assistance.


  • FITA trainers are well versed with the concepts.
  • Every student is given equal opportunity.
  • 100% free placement training assistance will be provided.
  • Guidance with certification will be provided.
  • Skillful trainers with industry experience will aid you.
  • Flexible timings and course duration.


Once you are certified with ethical hacking, then you are hired for MNCs for a pay scale, which is 40% higher than normal security posts in IT. Some of the posts you can with Ethical Hacking certificate try are:

  • Computer Network Defense (CND) analyst
  • Intrusion analyst
  • Security manager

Prologue on Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical hacker is considered as white hat hacker as he never offend the law. He is the person who can access another system without proper authorization for a good cause that may be for finding the loop and hole found in the security of a network, application or system. The unauthorized access is done with the permission of the owner itself without harming anyone.

There are many benefits of Ethical hacking:

  • Prevents malicious hackers from stealing data
  • Avoid security breaches in army in order to protect the nation from terrorism.
  • Prevent huge loss in international companies due to cyber-attack.

Companies may be secured from physical threats and hardware issues whereas it is not the same case with Internet insecurities like virus, malware or even hackers. Therefore, it is very important to secure the company with online threats.

Nevertheless, some companies are shallow about the risk involved in Hacking, which led to the downstream in few MNCs due to hacking of their systems. Thus, these days the value of Ethical Hacking Training in Anna Nagar is keep on increasing due to the demand Ethical hackers amidst the IT industry.

Ethical hacking course in Anna Nagar is classified accordingly. They are:

  • Black hacker
  • White hacker
  • Grey hacker

The time and duration can be customized as per the student requirements. FITA will be right place to learn with 100% free placement.

Other certifications on Ethical Hacking Training in Anna Nagar

  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Information Security Manager
  • Certified Information System Auditor
  • GIAC Security Essentials

FAQ on Ethical Hacking

Explain footprinting and name the techniques used for it

Footprinting is to collect and uncover information  regarding the target network prior to gaining of access Footprinting techniques are:

  • Stack fingerprinting
  • Open source footprinting
  • Scanning
  • Network enumeration

Explain briefly Network Enumeration.

The revelation of hosts present in a network, which tend to use obvious disclosure protocols for information gathering.

What is firewall?

This may be a device, which allows or blocks the traffic as per the predefined rules that are placed

How can be data leakage detected?

This is the letting-out of data from an organization due to some unauthorized access which can be avoided by limiting the uploads on websites, internal encryption and also avoiding external unauthorized data transfer.

Explain spoofing attack.

When a malicious party pretend like another device to launch attack against host. Types of spoofing attacks are:

  • DNS Spoofing Attack.
  • ARP Spoofing Attack.
  • IP Spoofing Attack.