CCNA Training in Anna Nagar

Networking is one of the prominent IT certifications due to its combined work in both hardware and software field. FITA offers CCNA Training in Anna Nagar for both fresher’s and professionals.


Here the students will be getting hands on experience LAN switch, IPv4 and IPv6 network, routers from our skillful trainers. CCNA certificate is considered mandatory for individual who are looking for networking job. If you are already a professional then this certificate will be added advantage for the next level in the industry.

Our faculties will aid you till you clear the certification with high scores. Batch size is kept to the minimal in order to make sure every student is given equal attention throughout the course. Our curriculum is aligned with the syllabus of Cisco certification which will help you to clear the exam with in-depth knowledge.

CCNA Training in Anna Nagar

Networking is chosen as a career, who is interested in internet routing, data telecommunication, and operating system. The various roles which you can try after this certification are:

  • Network (Service) Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Network/Information Systems Manager
  • Network (Systems) Engineer

CCNA which stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate acts as an entry level certificate for individuals dreaming of entering the networking field. CCNA enables professionals to troubleshoot the issues in routers and switches present in a network along with installation and configuration.


What does Application layer does in networking?

Application layer handover network services to application process. IT also helps in the synchronization of server and client.

What do you mean by 100BaseFX?

100BaseFX is Ethernet, which uses fiber optic cable as main transmission medium. The 100 in this is 100Mbps, which is the data speed.

What do you infer from OSI reference model?

This model shows the communication of data and information over a network. There are 7 layers in OSI model:

  • Physical
  • Data Link Layer
  • Network
  • Transport
  • Session
  • Presentation
  • Application

What do you mean by half duplex and full duplex?


Communication which happens on only one direction is called half-duplex. Eg: Walkie-talkie


In this communication happens from both directions. Eg: Telephone

Difference between LAN, MAN, and WAN.

LAN: LAN stands for local area network where networks are connected within themselves in the same area. Eg: Ethernet

MAN: MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network in which networks are connected within same city. Eg: IUB network

WAN: WAN stands for Wide Area Network belong to an organization accessed by public. Eg: Internet